Centrum Cyber GRC

Collaborative eGRC Platform

Eliminate the shortcomings of traditional eGRC platforms with a Collaborative approach to managing and maintaining your Cybersecurity Program. 


Build Your Cybersecurity Programs

We eliminate that shortcoming by bridging the gap between all stakeholders involved in the certification process. Centrum Cyber provides a collaborative, secure platform that allows stakeholders to be efficient while maintaining compliance. Built with the MSP, MSSPs, and Cybersecurity Departments for Enterprise in mind. 

Automated Scanning

Scanning integration to quickly identify security control gaps and allow for vulnerability management.

Solutions Database

Knowledge base providing security policy templates, risk registry, and 650+ solutions mapped to controls.

Project Management

Integrated planning & program management with machine learning to predict total cost of your Cybersecurity Program.


Built-in scoring for SPRS and additional scorecards that are continuously monitored to visualize readiness and potential risk.


Workflow enabling auditors, remediates, and certifiers to collaborate effectively while maintaining security.

Cost Effective

Minimal deployment cost making it cost-effective for MSPs, MSSPs, and Cyber Consultants, yet scalable for enterprise customers.

Road Map

Provide your stakeholders the complete road map to improve your risk, meet compliance and maintain your cybersecurity program.


Generate world-class reports providing all stakeholders insight into the cybersecurity program, including SSP, POAMs, Risk, Project Status, and much more.

Complete Control

Get a view of all Systems Under Your Management

  • Assessments

  • Knowledge Base

  • Program Management

  • Continuous Monitoring

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Build You Cybersecurity Program Baseline

Centrum Cyber provides management of the security assessment and audit/certification process. Select the target framework, then begin the evaluation process. Once a framework is loaded, you have visibility at the control requirement level while performing the assessment, adding comments, and artifacts, and marking status as required. We also provide the ability to assess at each level of the certification process, starting with the assessor, engaging the remediator, then allowing the auditor to review when required.

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Fully Built Knowledge Base to Assist with Remediation

Solution & Knowledge-base: tools to maintain a knowledge base consisting of hundreds of security controls and curated solutions that can be used to establish a remediation program based on assessment findings. Our preloaded repository of security policies, a risk registry, and over 650+ solutions are mapped to common control deficiencies and customizable. This gives you the ability to build common solution deployments to be used across all your customer environments, streamlining the remediation and solution integration process. 
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Manage the Remediation and Lifecycle of the Cybersecurity Program

Centrum Cyber provides project management tools that plan, track, and manage the security assessment and audit/certification process. Once an assessment has been completed, we give you the ability to map the control deficiencies to solutions, that then appear within the WBS on the project board. Run these technology implementations like a real project manager with work breakdown structures, resource allocations, material cost, and a timeline. Provide reporting on how the program is being improved and how risks are being mitigated by implementing additional technology, process, and procedures.

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Mature Your Program and Maintain Compliance

Continuous monitoring building blocks consist of processes and tools to support the entire governance lifecycle including performing assessments (understanding the current level of compliance), identifying remediation actions (identifying solutions to address control gaps), developing integrate project plans) to implement security controls (implementing those solutions or policies to improve), generate dashboards to visualize overall status, support audit preparation and certification (ensuring readiness for the third-party audit), and continuous monitoring (ensuring the program is maintained for the lifetime of the organization).


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