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We enable cybersecurity teams by providing an enterprise-grade eGRC platform at a competitive price. Level the playing field and get started today. 

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Need clarification?

Is Centrum Cyber Multi-Tenant?

Yes, our technology keeps client data separate while giving you centralized user access management. Provide granular level security down to the assessment, giving the assessor, the remediator, and the auditor their own level of access. You can also provide your clients, your vendors, or partners with their own level of access.  You are in complete control of the user access to all systems and assessments. 

Do my clients have access?

Yes, your clients can have any level of access to any system or assessment you choose. You can allow them to assist in the process by uploading artifacts to help streamline the assessment process. 

What scanning tools are integrated?

We are currently integrated with Tenable and their suite of products to allow you to quickly ingest scan data from any environment. With our modern API technology, additional tools will be connected in the near future. 

Why should I use this tool over another GRC platform?

Simply put, we are more than a GRC. We allow you to deploy a full Cybersecurity Program enabling collaboration with all stakeholders. Our tool enables you to have a successful engagement with your client and become that trusted advisor for all their cybersecurity needs. 

One Tool to Manage the Complete Cybersecurity Lifecycle