Centrum Cyber

At the Center of Your Cybersecurity Program

Introducing the first eGRC tool that allows you to stay in control of your cyber risk, manage compliance, and control cost all while protecting your sensitive assets.  


All Stakeholders Collaborating Under One Roof

When attempting to improve compliance and cybersecurity posture, traditional GRC platforms have key stakeholders siloed, resulting in inefficient processes. We eliminate that shortcoming by bridging the gap between all stakeholders involved in the certification process.

Centrum Cyber provides a single version of the "truth" allowing you to make informed decisions regarding your cybersecurity readiness. 


Here’s all the good stuff


Automated Scanning

Scanning integration to quickly identify security control gaps and allow for vulnerability management.


Solutions Database

Knowledge base providing security policy templates, risk registry, and 650+ solutions mapped to controls.


Project Management

Integrated planning & program management with machine learning to predict total cost of your Cybersecurity Program.



Built-in scoring for SPRS and additional scorecards that are continuously monitored to visualize readiness and potential risk.



Workflow enabling the assessment, remediation, and auditing\certification team to collaborate effectively while maintaining security.


Cost Effective

Minimal deployment cost making it cost-effective for MSPs, MSSPs, and Cyber Consultants, yet scalable for enterprise customers.


Road Map

Provide your stakeholders the complete road map to improve your risk, meet compliance and maintain your cybersecurity program.



Generate comprehensive reports providing all stakeholders insight into the cybersecurity program, including SSP, POAMs, Risk, Project Status, and more.

Frameworks that Matter

Start Your Program with Any Framework

Frameworks for any industry built into Centrum Cyber provide the baseline for your cybersecurity program.

Our MSP\MSSP partners gain the ability to expand into other vertical markets creating additional revenue streams.

Centrum Cyber provides flexibility and continuity for enterprise clients who have to comply with several standards. 

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Project Management

Unleash the Power of PMO Support

While most eGRC tools on the market allow you to understand basic risk, they leave you to search for answers on how to improve your security posture. 

We eliminate that shortcoming by bridging the gap between Cyber Compliance and System integration. Centrum Cyber completes the CSF Framework by providing a tool to manage your security like a true Cybersecurity Program. 

Knowledge Base

Provide Stakeholders a Complete Roadmap

Our built-in knowledge base provides a repository of security policies, a risk registry, and over 650+ solutions that are mapped to common control deficiencies. 

Combined with our workflow engine and project management module we allow the security teams to create a well designed compliance roadmap that can be shared with all stakeholders. 

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Complete Control

The Power of an End-to-End eGRC Platform

Finally, a single GRC platform that supports the entire cybersecurity lifecycle, from assessment, remediation, certification, and continuous monitoring. 

Centrum Cyber provides the information and tools that allow all stakeholders to stay informed. This ultimately works to improve your cybersecurity posture, keeps you compliant, and helps reduce governance costs. 


What our customers say

“We've been able to provide additional value when delivering assessments to our clients and have become a true vCISO while guiding their compliance program.”

“Centrum Cyber is an easy-to-use yet comprehensive product that allows us to manage multiple CMMC\NIST assessments.”

“I've worked with several GRC tools over the years and nothing provides the value that Centrum Cyber provides to me and my clients”


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Using spreadsheets and manual processes to perform NIST assessments for clients, costs more time.


Using Centrum Cyber to complete assessments for clients in a SaaS platform that provides collaborative space for all stakeholders. 


Faster delivery of assessments and providing more than just an SSP\POAM. Now providing a complete road map on how to achieve full compliance. 


Go beyond the Assessment and Implement a Continuous Cybersecurity Management Program that secures the environment. 


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